Spudger Set - Metal, Nylon, Plastic Pry Tools

Price: $99.95

The spudger kit includes everything in the picture plus much more, 60 pieces in total! This is a great set of tools for cell phone repair shops and technicians that are just getting started. This set of tools will get you into almost any small consumer electronic devices and give you many tools to spare in case you damage them during the repair.
  • Metal Spudgers: (1) Flat Flexible Metal Spudger, (1) Premium Metal Spudger, (6) Thin Stainless Steel Spudgers, (1) Flat Premium Metal Spudger, (6) Metal Spudger Set with Rubber Handle, (3) Precision Metal Spudger Set
  • Nylon Spudgers: (6) Pengfa Wire hook Spudgers, (2) Pengfa Beveled Nylon Pry Spudgers, (3) 3M SP3010
  • Plastic Spudgers: (3) Medium Head Spudger Lift Tool, (3) Small Head Spudger Lift Tool, (1) iPad Spudger Pry Tool, (1) Multi-Purpose Plastic Spudger, (1) Pry Bar Spudgers
  • Pry Picks: (2) Large Pry Pick, (3) Medium Pry Picks, (3) Pry Picks, (3) Guitar Picks
  • Wood Spudgers: (10) Menda 35616 Wood Spudgers
  • $140.00 Value!

Brand: Mixed
Part Number: spudger-set

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Free USA Shipping - All Orders Over $25.00!
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