Beveled Nylon Pry Spudger

Price: $3.49

A new Plastic Nylon Component Pry Spudger to be used in the repair of various electronics. Some applications may include disconnecting and reconnecting components in iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch. May be used as a soft pry tool to help open sealed electronics. Works great to get into tough to reach places.
  • Beveled Edge for Prying
  • Slanted Edge for Lifting Components
  • Can be used for removing batteries
  • Helps to remove well secured components
  • Works for prying components apart
  • Nylon material will not damage or marr sensitive surfaces

Brand: Pengfa
Part Number: px-spudger-3-2
Length: 5.63"
Width: 0.25"
Flexibility: 3.00/10.00
Durability: 5.00/10.00

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Free USA Shipping - All Orders Over $25.00!
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